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Since 1955, OEMS from a variety of industries have turned to ROMAC for help creating mission critical component parts that not only have very intricate details, but must consistently perform under exceptional stress. Since our technicians and machinists are experts in understanding the behavior of unique metals during both machining and actual product use, ROMAC manufactures the optimal performance part utilizing a variety of high temperature alloys, including:
Nickel iron cobalt alloy (KOVARĀ®)
Nickel alloys (includes Nickel 200 and 201)
Nickel iron alloys (includes 42, 46, 49, 52, Invar)
Nickel chrome alloys includes Hastelloy and Inconel
Nickel copper alloys (Monel)
Stainless steel alloys
Titanium alloys

304L Stainless Steel, CNC Machined Aerospace Flange

42 Alloy Drawn, formed and CNC machined image intensifier component

404 Monel Fine flow stamped, CNC machined and pierced window for microwave flange

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