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As one of the single largest users of KOVAR® in the country (KOVAR® is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings, Inc), Romac takes pride in specializing in machining and stamping this material that is used in numerous sealing and brazing applications. While most machine shops and stamping companies shy away from this material, we have been stamping and machining KOVAR® for over 40 years.

With the right combination of spindle speeds, feed rates, coolant, intermediate annealing and stress relieving processes, combined with knowledgeable technicians and state of the art machinery, Romac has mastered machining and stamping what some consider too difficult to tackle.

Because of its coefficient of expansion characteristics, KOVAR® is the primary metal of choice for glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal hermetic (air tight) seals. Romac is America’s leading supplier of component parts for first, second, and third generation image intensifier tubes for the Night Vision Image Intensifier Industry as well as a primary supplier of stamped and machined rotary x-ray tube components for the Medical Industry.

Both applications (Night Vision and X-Ray tubes) require air tight seals during assembly. Laser tubes, microwave devices and other specialty electron tubes are other applications our parts are used in. With the explosive growth of fiber optic telecommunications in the world today, Romac is well positioned to take advantage of the future needs for precision KOVAR® components.

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