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Romac’s 40,000-square-foot facility in Long Island, New York, includes over 100 machines since our customers often have requirements that push the limits of stamping and require additional intricacies made possible through machining. Unlike other shops, ROMAC performs both of these processes under one roof, providing customers with better quality control and, ultimately, a better performing finished product:

Secondary or post-machining of stamped components
Drawn components requiring controlled tolerances and surface finishes in glass or ceramic-to-metal tube bodies
CNC turning and CNC milling
Tolerances held within +/-.0005

.086 thick 304L Stainless Steel deep drawn stamping with secondary CNC turning for the medical industry

Fine flow stamped from Monel plate required CNC milling and turning with final piercing of rectangular window for microwave device.

.060 thick Inconel draw cup was CNC turned then holes and slots were pierced by die to produce this medical industry retaining ring.

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